Putting Your Experience to Work
The Masters Seminar for Senior Executives

Seminar Agenda

Day One

By the end of day one, you will:

  • Gain insight into what matters to you most
  • Understand your drivers
  • Broaden you perspective on possibilities in various sectors
  • Develop characteristics of your ideal job
  • Develop Informational Interviewing skills
  • Identify your networks

Introductions and Overview

Personal Motivators and Transformational Questions:
Defining what’s really important to you now.

Realities of the Marketplace:
What are your options and what are the rules of the game?

Defining Your Ideal Job:
Drilling down to what you really want to do.

Informational Interviews:
How you will get the straight scoop

Day Two

By the end of the second day, you will:

  • Be able to describe a key accomplishment
  • Develop and deliver an elevator speech
  • Dialogue with a federal executive who has successfully transitioned on lessons learned
  • Understand the nuts and bolts of an executive job search
  • Understand the psychological impact of the transition process

Check in. Wheel of Life

Putting Your Best Foot Forward:
Describing your accomplishments in a powerful, results oriented way

Creating Your Elevator Speech:
Who are you and what do you want to do?

Tools for Marketing Yourself:
Nuts and Bolts of the job search

Managing the Experience of Transition

Insight to Action

Personal Coaching and Executive Consulting