Individual Attention

Experience Matters knows that as baby boomers transition to a new position or consider moving beyond their first careers into something new, they need additional tools to handle the challenges of today’s job market.

We give our clients those tools, so they can overcome their fear and network with other professionals facing the same challenges. With a new understanding of the environment they will face, our clients leave with renewed self-confidence and are prepared for success.

Organizational Needs

Our organizational clients rely on Experience Matters to help them retain scarce senior talent in jobs that serve both the organization and the individual. We do this by helping key executives discover the characteristics of a job that they would consider ideal.

We then work with the organization to help them support executives to move to a mission critical vacancy that they consider ideal. The result is that executives are engaged in meaningful assignments that preserve institutional memory and scarce executive talent.

We also help our client organizations navigate their senior talent challenges during complex change management efforts or reorganizations. This allows them to spend less time worrying about the future needs of their organizations and more time planning for them.

"Putting Your Experience to Work" was amazing. This is nothing like the other career management courses. I discovered a new passion and how to get started in a new city. This course saved me from months of uncertainty."

Senior Executive Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

"The Masters Seminar is great. I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to find it. You gave me the tools that have boosted my self confidence a lot.”

Senior Executive U.S. Forest Service