Boomer Market Demographics

The following chart tells the whole story of the American workforce. The bottom of the chart shows the birth date by year of workers born since the 1940s.  Baby Boomers are in red, and there is a sharp drop-off between 1965 and 1985 for the much smaller Generation X cohort in blue. The Generation Y group in gold is just starting to come into the workforce. resources_chart

The major implications are:

  • Baby Boomers and their experience will be invaluable well beyond their traditional retirement age, because the smaller Generation X cohort will not have had either sufficient experience or sufficient numbers to take the place of retiring boomers.
  • Baby Boomers who want to work at something that gives them meaning and money will have a wide array of choices.


Throughout your career, you have probably taken many assessments to help you understand who you are.  We encourage you to go back to those and re-read them to regain insights about your strengths and values.  As you enter the transition stage, we also encourage you to take three other assessments we can provide.  Our clients have told us how beneficial these have been in helping them to think about their life priorities. The first two are free.

The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator

The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator,, uses the most current and carefully researched medical and scientific data in order to estimate how old you will live to be. Most people score in their late eighties. Tina scored 100 and Peter 98.  It was an eye opener for us, and caused us to rethink our working life and decide to work another 15-20 years.  The calculator asks you 40 quick questions related to your health and family history, and takes about ten minutes to complete. We discuss your results in the Masters Seminar.

In addition you will receive:

  • Personalized feedback for each of your answers
  • A Personalized “To-Do” list for you and your physician
  • A list of things you can do differently, and how many years you will add if you do so

You also have the option to sign up to take the calculator again, so you can keep track of your answers and see if your calculated life expectancy gets better or worse.


Authentic Happiness Inventory Questionnaire

Developed by Dr. Martin Seligman, Director of the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center.  This test asks questions about what makes you happy, and then rates those answers on a scale of 1 to 5.


Now Discover Your Strengths

Fast Company article describing the Strengthsfinder Survey is at

The survey has been updated and is maintained by Gallup. You must purchase a copy of StrengthsFinder 2.0 in order to take the 180-question survey. Each book has a code, which you enter on line.  You get a personalized Strengths Insight Report and an Action Planning Guide.  Go to

Government Services

The federal government has a wealth of resources focused on the financial aspects of retirement.  Take advantage of them.  Start with the Office of Personnel Management’s web site at

Make sure to attend your agency-sponsored pre-retirement seminars.  Take it multiple times if necessary, since there many technical issues and decisions involved. The Department of State also offers some excellent resources in their Transition Center