The Shortage of Executive Talent

I founded this company with a clear purpose – to help baby boomer executives transition successfully into meaningful new assignments or into a new phase of life.

Global demographics indicate that executive talent is going to be increasingly scarce over the next 20 years. The Y-axis of chart below shows the birth years of employees in the workforce. The oldest people, born in 1946, are on the left hand side, ages decrease moving toward the right to the youngest workers who were born in 1994. The X-axis indicates how many people were born in a particular year. The baby boomers as a group are in red and the younger generation X cohort is behind them in blue.

Baby Boomer executives will be moving to the left and off the chart each year as they retire. An increasingly large executive talent gap will open up because there were simply not enough people born into the blue cohort to replace retiring baby boomer executives. Experts report that there will be 30 million unfilled professional jobs annually starting in just a few years.


To be successful, organizations in every sector are going to have to retain both their senior executives and emerging leaders, in a very competitive human capital environment. Allowing senior people to move to jobs they consider personally meaningful, is the key to talent retention and organizational success. Tight “job fit” for executives and senior professionals is the best weapon against brain drain in the global war for talent.

Our Solution

Many of our friends and colleagues had been calling us for advice on how we had transitioned successfully between several federal senior executive positions before moving to the private and non-profit sectors. To support our talented peer executives during similar major life transitions, we formed Experience Matters.

We conducted extensive research on executive transitions to identify those factors that differentiated energizing transitions from those characterized by apprehension and dread. We condensed the essence of the research and insights into a two-day highly interactive and experiential Masters Seminar, Putting Your Experience to Work under the name of our company, Experience Matters.

Over time, we developed a specific course for fast track mid-career professionals, called The Emerging Leaders Seminar. As organizations wanted to understand our approach in shorter increments, we developed both a half-day workshop, Maximize Your Career Options, and a full day workshop What’s Next? Both workshops are designed to give participants an overview of the process to identify jobs that they would find meaningful. Our goal is to offer very practical tools that people could use the day after they left our seminars or workshops. Client feedback tells us that we have succeeded.

As I continued to work with individuals across the public, private, and non-profit sectors, I was amazed at the synergies that developed among the groups in our seminars, and how easily transferable my approach was to executives in all sectors.

I now serve public, private, and non-profit executives and senior professionals. I also help organizations that want to minimize the disruption of realigning senior people during reorganization or downsizing. Client organizations report universally that employee anxiety is lowered immediately as people get back in touch with their value and have a renewed sense of their professional possibilities.

Tina Sung was my partner at the start of Experience Matters. She had served with distinction in several senior executive positions for the federal government and later as CEO of the American Society for Training and Development. She later moved on to be the first Vice President of Government Transformation for the well-regarded Partnership for Public Service.

Values and Mission

Our core values and beliefs:
  • Clients – Our client’s success is our success
  • Trust – Our client’s secrets are safe with us
  • Abundance – We act with compassion and generosity
  • Learning – We create a learning community with clients and thought leaders
  • Cool – Our Company is cool.  We and our clients are blazing a new path
Our Mission:

To help senior executives design a working life that they love.