Manage Change More Effectively

We can be helpful to you and your organization in a number of different situations. You might be interested to know the kinds of questions our clients answered in either private coaching or in the Masters Seminar:

I need help immediately.

Are you and your people facing a major reorganization in the very near future and need to think about how to avoid costly legal challenges? Are you looking for a program that you can implement immediately to help keep your high potential younger “stars” from jumping ship just as the baby boomers are retiring? Are you afraid of losing your best senior executives because they are not finding the right jobs within your organization? If one of these issues is keeping you awake at night, give yourself a break and call us immediately and we will give you a priority slot in our schedule.

I am a senior executive or human capital professional who wants to maintain productivity and avoid legal challenges during an impending downsizing or reorganization strategy.

Please contact us right away. The earlier we can understand your situation, the more choices we can offer to help you through the transition. Your senior people are the key to your success in selling the new organization, and you will need to maintain their loyalty while the going is uncertain.

The two biggest issues are how to keep your best and most mobile people from jumping ship, and how to avoid time-consuming grievances. Our experience is that the key to success on both fronts is to start by giving your senior people the message that you care about them and know that they have valuable skills that can be used effectively in the future.

Engaging us to deliver the Masters Seminar will reduce paranoia and allow your senior people to sort out the spots in the new organizational structure where they can make the greatest contribution.

For those whose skills would be better used elsewhere, the tools and resulting self-confidence from the Masters Seminar will allow them to remain enthusiastic, even if they ultimately have to move on.Reminding senior people that they are in control of their careers is the surest way to have them engage their own subordinates with the right spirit to avoid crippling morale and a major loss of productivity.

I am a senior executive or human capital professional who wants to help my emerging “stars” identify how they can perform well enough to assume the many leadership positions created by retiring baby boomers.

There is a ton of management literature and expensive consulting on how to develop leadership.  Much of it is useful, but in our view, the surest road to success in executive development for high potential people is for them to understand the specific circumstances in which they thrive and perform at their best. The earlier in their career, the better.

Exposing your developing stars to the Masters Seminar can help you avoid the all too common and painful situation of selecting a good person for the wrong job. Effective career development depends on both intelligent selection and candidates that know themselves well enough to pursue appropriate assignments where they can thrive. Without knowledgeable people in all the key roles, morale often plummets, and good people leave for reasons that could have been totally avoided.

I am a senior executive or human capital professional who wants to “complete the retirement planning picture” for my people.

The focus of most retirement planning sessions is on how not to outlive your money. That is obviously important, but it begs the question of how you want to help your colleagues think about the 20-30 bonus years we have available after a first career.

If you want to “complete the retirement” picture beyond the financial planning basics, then contact us about our one-day “What Next? Workshop.” What Next? provides an overview of the key issues about how people can spend their time in creative, useful and satisfying ways.

Experience Matters has a series of workshops and seminars that range from one-half day to two full days to explore ideal “job fit” at every stage of an individual’s career. Job fit is the key to retention of both senior talent and fast track emerging leaders.

Maximize Your Career Options

  • Primary Audience: Senior Executives and Professionals
  • Purpose: To Understand the Choices in Major Career Transitions
  • Size of Audience: Minimum of 30 participants and No Maximum number
  • Course length: 4 Hours

What Next? Workshop: Stay or Move, it’s up to you

  • Audience: Senior Executives and Professionals
  • Purpose: Moving beyond your current assignment to a new job or retirement
  • Size of the Audience: Minimum of 30 participants and no Maximum number
  • Course length: 8 Hours

Emerging Leaders: Successful Career Management

  • Primary Audience: GS 14 and GS 15 Senior Mangers and Professionals and Members of SES Candidate Development Programs
  • Purpose: To Identify Characteristics of Jobs in which Success is most Likely
  • Size of Audience: Maximum of 8 participants
  • Course length: 16 Hours

Putting Your Experience to Work: The Masters Seminar

  • Audience: Senior Executives and Professionals
  • Purpose: To Identify and Take Steps Toward a Meaningful Future
  • Size of Audience: Maximum of 8 participants
  • Course length: 16 Hours