Ask the Right Questions

We can be helpful in a number of different situations. You might be interested to know the kinds of issues our clients dealt with in either private coaching or in the Masters Seminar:

I am in a job that doesn’t fit my skills and interests, and I am afraid I am jeopardizing my career.

We know the feeling, and we hear it all the time from our clients. The secret is this – each of us only performs well when our job requires the values and skills that are most natural to us. We have an assessment exercise in the homework before the first day of the Masters Seminar that will clarify the five motivators that enable you to excel without breaking a sweat. When your five top motivators are the key success factors in your job, then you are a star. When you are in a position that doesn’t call on your five motivators, you may feel like the goldfish that jumped out of the bowl. The real problem starts when your boss begins to feel the same way about you.

One of the great ironies of working life is that we lean on these five top motivators whether they are appropriate or not. For example, if your major motivator is to “make a difference,” you are going to have a lot of questions about the overall strategy of your organization. If you are the executive in charge of strategy, then life is grand. If you are not, and your ideas are not well received, then you are miserable and likely to be seen as a problem – rather than a concerned contributor.

Don’t wait around trying to fit yourself into the wrong assignment. Contact us now and start on a new path that fits you to a tee.

I need help immediately

Are you a public or private sector executive who needs to understand how to increase your odds of moving to a job that will be more meaningful? Are you and your spouse wondering how to identify and combine your interests into a life that satisfies both of you? Are you unsatisfied where you ended up after a recent reorganization? Are you feeling unappreciated? If one of these concerns is keeping you awake at night, give yourself a break, and call us immediately and we will give you a priority slot in our schedule.

How do I remember or discover something I really want to do?

It isn’t as hard as you imagine. We have developed eleven short and very powerful assessment tools that remind you of what circumstances motivate you to perform at your best. There are times in your life when things are fun and go so easily that you consistently produce outstanding results. Everyone else is knocked out by your performance, while you are doing something that comes so naturally, you have a hard time imagining why they are making it such a big deal. Those times are a major clue about how you want to spend your time and what you may want to do next. Our assessment tools will help you identify your natural preferences, and where to experience purpose and satisfaction.

I am a senior executive or equivalent, within 3 years of retirement.

If you have thought a lot about your money, but not how you will spend your time after you leave your first career, then you are in good company. Most retiring senior executives need to take some time to reflect on what they really want to do instead of what they have had to do – like pay the mortgage and educate the kids. We can help you discover the keys to a life that you will love for your next two or three active decades.

Click here to register for our Masters Seminar. The more time you give yourself to discover what you love to do, instead of what you have been obligated to do, the more time you will have time to find it and enjoy the next phase of your life.

I have been a successful public sector executive, and I wonder how my skills and experience might fit into the private or non-profit world.

As a Senior Executive, your experience and skills are transferable to more possibilities than we can list here. Our Masters Seminar describes each of the sectors and what they are looking for in senior people. The key is — where do you want to go to use what you know best? It is entirely up to you. The process always starts with you and what you want to do. The seminar clarifies what is important to you at this stage and gets you pointed in a direction of your choice.

One important caveat. We have worked in all the sectors and the one common denominator about executives in transition is that we all have a tendency to trivialize our experience. “If I know it, then everyone must be able to do it” This is simply not true, and the Masters Seminar will remind you of  what you have accomplished and give you a shot of confidence that helps to overcome that little voice in the back of your head that is misleading you about your incredible value.

I have been a successful private sector executive, and I want to give back.

The non-profit and public sectors are mission driven. People specialize in areas that have compelling personal meaning and so are often willing to work with outstanding skill and management savvy for relatively modest salaries and benefits. There are thousands of opportunities to serve. Options for you will only increase as baby boomers retire and pressure mounts on every sector to find experienced people, because the next generation is too small in number to fill the empty chairs.

The Masters Seminar will help you discover what you are passionate about now, and how to find it. Are you moved to make a difference in a health challenge like cancer or heart disease? How about an emerging issue that is not well understood, like childhood autism? Improving secondary schools? Teaching children to read? The seminar helps you decide and then focus your search on organizations that will honor your skills and create a flexible schedule for you to contribute.

I am a political appointee, and I want to think about my next steps

This is a very important time in your career as you try to integrate your public service with your other experiences. You have increased the possibilities for yourself more dramatically than ever before, and the breadth of the choices can seem confusing.  We can help you discover how to leverage your new perspective in a way that will give you the deepest satisfaction. Contact us to discuss private and confidential coaching.

Donna Bennett
Logistics Management Institute

“Coaching is critical….’”

“I had no idea how many organizations would value my experience.”

Senior Executive
California Department of Corrections

“I can’t quite believe it, but I left being more open to think about and seriously consider brand new options.”

Senior Executive
U.S. Department of Defense