I have worked with couples long enough to know that during transition, even in the best of relationships, there can be very different preferences about what works for both partners. This is true during the middle years and is just as true as people try to discern a meaningful life after their first career.

Many important choices affect both partners profoundly. They simply can’t be made alone. A few of these choices include:

  • If and when to downshift from an intense career?
  • How much time to devote to work, leisure, or family?
  • Whether to relocate and if so where?
  • What to do when one person retires earlier than the other?
  • What about responsibilities to parents?
  • What are we planning to do with our children and grandchildren?

Making these choices together creates a strong foundation for the next phase of life. Together we will review a number of assessment tools that are designed to:

  • Reveal preferences in each major life area
  • Suggest a series of alternative choices
  • Create a timeline of activities so that each partner “gets their turn”.
  • Complete a mutual goal setting exercise for the couple in transition
  • Create a roadmap for the first year after the initial transition

Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee that after working with me you will leave with increased self confidence about the next step and with information, skills, as well as practical tools to discover an approach that works for you both.  If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your money.