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Personalized Process = Effective Change Management

Experience Matters’ approach to senior management level transitions during a reorganization or downsizing is novel and effective.  With customized seminars and coaching, we can help you maintain the productivity and morale of your senior staff, thus giving them a sense of personal choice, so that they can transition with confidence.  It is well known that the tone set by the leaders influences the perceptions and acceptance of change by the workforce.

Experience Matters’ approach maintains maximum personnel flexibility for top management during organizational restructuring and helps generate much needed goodwill within the organization. Our seminars and coaching empower senior managers to choose to stay, move to another job within the organization or leave without causing legal challenges. We create an “appetite for change” among the senior executive staff, rather than resistance to a new organizational alignment.

We know that in addition to financial issues, senior managers approaching retirement often face some degree of emotional and psychological challenge. We have served as senior executives across sectors, and is an expert in helping senior people “discover” a place in the organization where they can be even more productive during their last several years of service.

Experience Matters products and follow-up services and programs can be readily adapted to meet current human resources and business strategy.

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“The Masters Seminar helped me sort out my next steps. I decided to stay at my agency for another six months both to leave gracefully and to develop an effective transition plan.”

Senior Executive National Institutes for Health