Living on Purpose
Producing Satisfaction in All Areas of Your Life

Personal fulfillment is the deep satisfaction that comes from being in touch with your life purpose. Knowing your life purpose and using that purpose as a guide when you make decisions is, for many, the source of great personal power and satisfaction.

Living on Purpose is a course designed to enable you to learn how to achieve the results you want in all areas of your life while increasing your sense of well-being. This one-on-one course takes place in 9 two-hour coaching meetings over five months. First, I help you create your personal set of life goals. Then we establish a set of key interim objectives for you to meet those goals. Then we review your progress in each life area between your coaching sessions. We evaluate how you have succeeded, what you have learned, and how you want to go forward.

 Discovering Your Life Purpose

Joyce Chapman, a well-known coach describes life purpose as being “large enough to absorb all your energy, command all your imagination, use all of your resources, and impact the world in an important way”.

Although our culture has a way of treating the idea of a life purpose as some deep and unknowable mystery, it is completely discoverable.

Some insights into life purpose include:

  • Everyone has a life purpose, but most people don’t have the language to describe their purpose to themselves or others
  • Identifying your life purpose and finding the words to describe it is possible with a little guidance. That is what I do with my clients.
  • Everyone has had experiences of living on purpose. They are those moments when life seems to flow and you think, “This is the right place for me and I am doing the right thing. I fit here”. These moments are deeply satisfying .
  • Purpose can be experienced in all areas of life: career, family, fun, relationships, family, and personal development.
  • A career that connects with life purpose is a personally fulfilling adventure.

Is This Course for You?

If you want to become more effective in all aspects of your life, you are a good candidate for Living on Purpose. Some clients have taken the course to improve job performance and satisfaction. Others want to create and test a roadmap for decision making during major life transitions.

If you think this may be for you, please contact me to schedule a complimentary 90-minute introductory session.