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This is a very practical course about discovering what you want to do and how to create a network of people who can help you. The practice sessions on interviewing techniques were extremely valuable.”

Senior Executive
U.S. Department of Defense

“Don’t miss informational interviewing or the tips, mistakes and lessons learned of executive search. The Masters Seminar made me practice techniques out loud until they became natural to me. Very powerful.”

Senior Executive
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

“The Masters Seminar is fun and very useful. The ’18 Nuts and Bolts of Executive Job Search’ were phenomenal. I used the techniques the first day after the seminar.”

Senior Executive
U.S. Department of Education

“You demonstrated that the session can work for people who are eligible for retirement now as well as those several years away. The seminar was outstanding.”

Senior Executive
United Parcel Service

“Peter and Tina are world class. This is the best session on retirement I have ever taken, and I have taken quite a few because I have been so anxious about the next phase. Thanks for calming me down.”

Senior Executive
U.S. Department of Justice
Donna Bennett
Logistics Management Institute

It does tend to be a humbling experience, anytime you change jobs….”

William Jordan
Environmental Protection Agency

Most of the jobs I have taken have been ones where people have come to me and said, ‘Hey, Bill, come work for me on this project.’”

John Miller
U.S. Department of the Army (retired)

“It was just an incredible synergy….”