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The Experience Matters method combines private and confidential coaching – just two consecutive 4-hour days – with some pre-session homework and some follow-through activities on your part. Prior to our first session, you will complete some assessments that will provide us a basis for conversation, reflection, exploration, articulation, and (at last) clarity. At the conclusion of our sessions, you will have a complete set of tools, and an understanding of what to do with them, to use in pursuing your optimal next assignment or career chapter.

While the process is intentionally structured to be efficient and effective in a short period of time, I will continue to be available to you and, in fact, hope very much to hear how things go!

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"There were many elements of the work with Peter that proved extremely helpful to me: First: Analysis of my work experience -- a useful inventory and reminder of what I've done well over the years. Second: Development of my elevator speech and a new biography. These became the key tools to getting several informational interviews. Finally: The structured process for outreach, contact, meetings, and follow up  -  all the way through to hand-written thank you notes - provided clear guidance on a daily basis as I conducted my research and job search. This structure helped me be disciplined in my efforts and helped ensure my success."

— Senior Executive, National Nonprofit Trade Association

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