Who You Are...

Change thrusts itself into our lives, often creating a need or desire for career and life transitions. When change happens, transitions always follow. The good news is that these are great opportunities!
- Peter

  • You may be a mid or senior level employee or professional whose career is in transition…perhaps “again.”
  • Or, you may be an organizational leader whose employees and colleagues are about to experience job change, reassignment, or possibly job loss due to reorganization or downsizing.
  • You might be a coach looking for ways to expand or specialize your practice by adding Executive Transition Coaching to your product line.

If one of these sounds right – or close – continue on and we’ll take you where YOU want to go.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

— Steve Jobs


"I needed guidance to help me set my path for career growth. I was looking for a person outside my professional circle, to listen to my story and guide me. Peter is a great listener, with the ability to identify the themes in my professional story where I was highly motivated and effective. Peter led me through a guided conversation that produced deep insight into my career that gave me energy and the increased confidence to move forward."

— Senior Financial Manager, Fortune 100 company

Let's point you in the right direction for starters.

Which of these comes closest to describing your situation?

You are a seasoned executive or mid-senior level employee who has achieved a lot in your career. Something has recently changed, though, and now you are reconsidering your options for the future. But the way forward isn’t clear just yet. You could use some help figuring out how to proceed.

You are a senior manager or HR professional in an organization that is about to undergo reorganization or downsizing. You fear that employee anxiety will run high and morale low as people brace for change and consider their options. You are concerned about losing those star employees that you want very much to retain through and beyond the transition.

You are a Career or Life Coach. You want to better position yourself to meet the needs of people who are looking to transition from accomplished first careers to meaningful “second careers” as an alternative to traditional retirement. Or perhaps you are looking for a referral partner to more fully serve the needs of the Executives you coach.