Organizational Change Management Through Coaching

Experience Matters can help senior managers and human resource professionals to minimize disruption and increase the loyalty of key employees during the following organizational challenges:

Providing Clarity, Confidence and Concrete Tools

• Reorganization or Downsizing
• Retaining Key People
• Easing the transition into retirement for key people

Your organization, company, or government agency is about to undergo reorganization or downsizing. Employee anxiety will run high and morale low, as people brace for change and consider their options. The very fact of a reorganization or downsizing is enough to make most employees – even the most highly valued – question their role, status, and value in the company.

You are concerned about losing those key employees that you want very much to retain through and beyond the transition. In addition to financial issues, where senior managers approaching retirement are concerned, there is often some degree of emotional and psychological challenge. You want these senior staff people to “discover” a place in the organization where they can be even more productive during their last several years of service.

“When people believe they are in an ideal job, their organizational loyalty increases and they stay to offer their institutional wisdom.” – Peter

When you offer executive transition coaching with Peter Sherer to your star employees, it will help you maintain the productivity and morale of your senior staff, giving them a sense of personal choice. They will be more likely to transition with confidence. Transition coaching empowers senior managers to choose to stay, move to another job within the organization or leave without causing legal challenges. You can help create an “appetite for change” among senior executive staff, rather than resistance to a new organizational alignment.

“The tone set by organizational leaders influences the presumptions and acceptance of change by the rest of the workforce.” – Peter

When you get in touch, we’ll have a conversation to explore whether Experience Matters might have an organizational solution to fit your senior staffing transition and retention needs.

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