"You want to get clear about your next professional steps.I’m in the clarity business.”

- Peter

You are a talented professional who has had a lot of career success. You are accustomed to feeling sure-footed and clear-headed when it comes to making decisions and seeing the path forward. Recently, however, your situation has shifted and it’s left you feeling uncertain – UNclear – about your future and the next steps you want to take.

You know that a transition is underway, but what would the next phase of your life look like if it were perfectly suited to you?

No two clients’ situations and needs are exactly alike, but there is a lot of shared experience among people who’ve been in the workforce for a long time. Request a complimentary one-hour consultation. Or, scroll on to see just a few of the questions and concerns that have moved other accomplished professionals to engage Experience Matters.

Request a Complimentary Consultation

"Spend some one-on-one time with Peter to gain valuable, actionable insight into your career, your motivations, and your ambitions. You might not even realize what's happened until it's over, but a seemingly slight shift in perspective - which he fosters through perceptive questions and gentle suggestions - very well may result in a major turning point. My subsequent professional conversations took on a new seriousness, which led to new business at higher levels of responsibility and compensation."

— Mark, Left of the Dial Strategies

"I am in a job that doesn't fit my skills and interests and I am afraid I am jeopardizing my career."

- Client concern before coaching

I hear this quite a lot. Here’s the secret… Each of us only performs well when our job requires the values and skills that are most natural to us.

Before we even begin your coaching, you will complete a number of assessments, one of which will reveal to you the five motivators that enable you to excel without breaking a sweat. When your five top motivators are the key success factors in your job, then you are a star. When you are in a position that doesn’t call on your five motivators, you may feel like the goldfish that jumped out of the bowl. The real problem starts when your boss begins to feel the same way about you.

"How do I remember or discover something I really want to do?"

- Frequently asked question

It isn’t as hard as you imagine. There are times in your life when things are fun and go so easily that you consistently produce outstanding results. Everyone else is knocked out by your performance, while you are doing something that comes so naturally, you have a hard time imagining why they are making it such a big deal. Those times are a major clue about how you want to spend your time and what you may want to do next.

One of the assessment tools we’ll use will help you identify your natural preferences and the circumstances that motivate you to perform at your best.

"I am a senior executive within 3 years of retiring from my first career."

- Frequently expressed

If you have thought a lot about your money, but not how you will spend your time after you leave your first career, then you are in good company. Most retiring senior executives need to take some time to reflect on what they really want to do instead of what they have had to do – like pay the mortgage and educate the kids. Experience Matters coaching can help you discover the keys to a life that you will love.

Request a complimentary one-hour consultation with Peter

"I came to Peter Sherer at Experience Matters seeking information about my next career move. I gained so much more than that. I learned more about myself, my key motivators, and the ideal job for me. I was able to identify my priorities and create a new professional life along with a portfolio of other activities that I love."

— Senior Executive, Federal Government