Each person has a unique story of why they want to transition. Learn more about transitioning to a satisfying new job or second career.

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Executive Coaches - consider a Referral Partnership.  All coaches - add Career Transition Coaching to your menu of services.

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If you are a senior manager or HR professional looking for assistance for star employees facing organizational change, we should talk.

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"I was positively influenced by Peter’s background and experience when I first met him. Particularly his approach to supporting professionals with transitioning careers...getting their 2nd or 3rd wind. … I found clarity about the transition process particularly helpful. I was pretty clueless about what I was experiencing until I sat down with Peter and did a deeper dive on me and what was relevant or no longer relevant to me. Since working with Peter, I have relocated to a different part of the country and taken on a new and larger executive role."

— Regional VP Government and Public Affairs, Cox Communications

How to Find Clarity After a Successful Career

In my practice as a career coach I recently saw a client who was considering leaving her 30-year career. She said, "I don't know how to even begin thinking…

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A Sense of Purpose Is the Key to the Good Life

Everyone wants to create the Good Life. Even though we don’t usually talk about its ingredients, we generally agree on what it takes to live it. When asked,…

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