Each person has a unique story of why they want to transition. Learn more about transitioning to a satisfying new job or second career.

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Executive Coaches - consider a Referral Partnership.  All coaches - add Career Transition Coaching to your menu of services.

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If you are a senior manager or HR professional looking for assistance for star employees facing organizational change, we should talk.

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"I was positively influenced by Peter’s background and experience when I first met him. Particularly his approach to supporting professionals with transitioning careers...getting their 2nd or 3rd wind. … I found clarity about the transition process particularly helpful. I was pretty clueless about what I was experiencing until I sat down with Peter and did a deeper dive on me and what was relevant or no longer relevant to me. Since working with Peter, I have relocated to a different part of the country and taken on a new and larger executive role."

— Regional VP Government and Public Affairs, Cox Communications

Feeling Stuck in Your Career? It’s Time for Plan B

Mid-career change can be difficult. Plan A, on the other hand, is familiar. You have a career and are moving forward while you buy a house, send the kids to…

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Your Retirement: How to Start Thinking About It

Thinking about your retirement?  After your first full-time career ends, plans for the future usually start out as a collage of thoughts and dreams collected…

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