‘Tis the season for a change

During the holidays, thinking about a career change is usually the last thing on most people’s minds. After all, it’s the season for social gatherings, warm cider, and gifts. However, over the previous several years, the nature of work has changed. These changes have caused many people to rethink their careers. Maybe you have been considering a career change. Perhaps you are thinking about getting away from traditional employment to pursue a more flexible career option.

If you have been considering a career change, the holiday season might be the best time to get started. Here’s why.

Everyone is Merry (Well, Almost Everyone!)

During the holidays, many people’s spirits are up. They are relaxed and happy — thinking about everything that they are thankful for. A spirit of generosity is emphasized. People are more likely to be open to networking.

There Is Less Competition

There’s less competition during the holidays. Many people’s calendars are packed with baking and shopping. They are taking this time to recuperate from the many social events. Also, people tend to wait until the New Year to work on significant changes like a career transition.

The good news for you is that this is the perfect time to advance your career as there is less competition. In addition, there are fewer job seekers during this time. This fact could put you ten steps ahead of the competition.

You Probably Have More Time

Do you have time off during the holidays? Is this the slow season in your line of work? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your career. You may have more time to improve your skills, earn an online certificate or meet with an executive transition specialist.

Because, Why Wait?

Perhaps as the year draws to a close, you realize that your career has impacted your well-being. For example, you no longer love what you do. Or you have achieved your full potential in your career. Whatever has made you realize that it’s time for a change, why wait until the New Year to pursue a fresh start? The sooner you address whatever is causing you to feel unsatisfied in your current situation, the quicker you will feel happier with your professional life.

How To Get Started

Conduct An Assessment

The first step is to lay the groundwork for a new career. That starts with a self-assessment. If you are reading this, then you are likely unhappy with some aspect of your career. Perhaps it is a stressful workplace, or maybe you have just outgrown your job.

The end of the year is a great time to take stock of what you want in your professional life. It’s a time of natural transition. First, think about how you would like your career to change. Does your current career represent your values? If not, what would be different? What would your daily routine look like in terms of work? Then, think about where you want to go next in terms of your career. Investing in some time with a career transition coach can help you nail this down.

Build Your Online Presence

If you have been in the same career for a long time, you might not have paid much attention to your online presence. However, it’s crucial today. Start by building or updating your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn is essentially your online job transition resume.

Make sure your education, skills, and experience are up to date. Work on getting recommendations.

Improve Your Skills

You’ve likely acquired an enormous number of skills across the span of your career. Now is the time to reflect on them, especially if you plan to pursue a different career opportunity. What is missing? How can you fill the gaps? There are a lot of Ivy League colleges offering certificates online. Most of these are geared towards professionals and entirely online.

Get to Networking

The holiday season can offer unique opportunities to build relationships with potential career contacts. There are lots of events, especially fundraisers. Make sure you attend them. In addition, keep an eye out online for networking gatherings.

Peter Sherer is a nationally recognized career coach who offers clarity and confidence to mid-career and senior executives in transition. In just two short days, his rigorous assessment tools enable his clients to identify a meaningful assignment that uses all of their skills and experience. Learn more and get in touch with Peter today.